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October 23, 2014

nerdy_girl_laptop_decal-_macbook_ipad_computer-_gadget_art__accessory_-_hipster_nerd_geek_chic_perfect_gift_03a1c666I have always been techie at heart.

Right after I graduated from university with a semi-useless Political Science degree I fell right into a post-grad program being offered at UVic that took fresh young graduates like myself and turned them into junior network administrators/IT folk all in the span of 12 months. It was a HARD 12 months (and I might have started smoking for a short while from the stress – ugh!) but in the end I was glad I did it.

Taking the course was timely for sure, and did alter the course of my life from a career perspective. You see this was the late 90’s at this point and the whole tech boom thing was in full swing. There were HEAPS of jobs out there and especially for women starting out in IT. I did tech support and help desk. I crawled under desks and wired cables. I learned web technologies, LMS, CMS, ERP and Business Analytics. And just for sh*ts and giggles I learned SQL just before I left for my first (and eventually permanent) maternity leave.

I have been lucky to have fallen back into a career which I really enjoy – I work from home, have flexible hours and the chance to work with some really fabulous people. But one of the things I haven’t had the time (nor motivation) to do in the past 8 years is to learn how to code, I mean really, properly code. I have hacked around and pieced things together and “trial and error-ed” for years. And, if something was just way beyond me, I outsourced. But lately I just wanted to KNOW, I wanted to be able to look at some code and really understand the language that was been spoken. I wanted to talk “nerd”.

So I heard about Ladies Learning Code somewhere in the Twitter-sphere about 6 months back but it wasn’t until they offered a CSS course for women this past weekend that I really took interest. LLC is a Canada-wide not-for-profit group working to empower everyone to feel comfortable learning beginner-friendly technical skills in a social, collaborative way. And what this meant for me me is that for $50 (plus tax) I had an amazing 6 hour workshop taught by a thoughtful and enthusiastic female instructor in a room filled with other women (and men) who were eager to learn. Better yet, lunch and snacks were included in the cost AND there were oodles of techie volunteers to assist with weach table of students for the inevitable 1000’s of questions that came up.

I was so impressed that I signed up for ‘Intro to JQuery” on Nov 8th. Anyone want to join me?


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