Lazy Moms Guide to Getting Short Shorts Ready in 4 Weeks

January 9, 2015

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If all goes well, ME in just FOUR short weeks. You see, one of BFF’s is turning forty in Feb and she called the other day and asked if I wanted to head to sunny Palm Springs for 4 days of fun in the sun.

Um, do bears poop in the woods? Of course I want to go!

So, it’s four weeks until my pale, jiggly, few-extra-holiday-pounded legs will be exposed to the bright California sunshine. Whats a lazy mom to do to get ready?

Fake Tan – I loathe exposing my skin to the sun when at all possible, but a nice glow makes everyone look younger and dare I say a bit thinner? I have been using St Tropez self tanner for awhile now and I love that it gives you an instant glow while you wait for your other self tanner to kick in. And it doesn’t stink, which is another bonus. (pssst – you can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart!)

Fitness Blender – I love these FREE online videos made by a husband and wife team in the Seattle area. I’ll be hitting the HIIT and strength training workouts 5x per week from now through departure to help burn some of that holiday poundage and tone up the legs!

Get smooth – I am part Ukrainian and tend to be on the hairier side so my gams are going to get a good old fashioned waxing so I don’t resemble a Russian Wrestler whilst lounging by the pool. This also allows the self-tanner to work better 🙂

So, the countdown is on and it’s been 5 days without wine and 7 without chocolate almonds. I’m not expecting miracles but maybe just maybe this mama will be short shorts ready!


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