The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Style

January 13, 2015

So, we are well into the new year and last week I posted about some of my goals for 2015. And most of those are going….fairly well. But I did miss one goal that I would like to add right now, and at the meantime add a new category to my blog in honor of it! Without further adieu, introducing…..

The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Style!

Now I am not saying that I am even remotely stylish, but I do know what I like and I know what works, and doesn’t work for me. So take my posts with a grain of salt and have fun with what works for you!

To get a better sense of me – I am 40 something, 5 foot 10 inches, and about 165ish pounds (gulp!). Add to that another good chunk of holiday pudge and the inclement weather and I am sorting through the closet to find “forgiving” yet winter appropriate yet easy to wear pieces.

I tend to wear a size large in most things and am about a 30/31 in pant size. And I have BIG feet (10.5!). I also have a significant diastasis rectii that I have been told needs surgery to fix (but that ain’t gonna happen) so I attempt to hide the fact that I look preggo most of the time as well. Thank god for shape wear! You will notice a LOT of flowy tops on this mama!

And why did I chose this goal? Well, I work from home, try to get a decent amount of exercise most days and I only leave the house to do school drop off/pick up or to get groceries so there isn’t a ton of incentive for me to get dressed let alone get out of my pajamas or workout gear.

But, I do have a closet full of clothes I actually kind of like from time to time, and that aren’t much more of a bother to put on than my trackies so I am going to commit to a goal of actually getting dressed at least a few days a week, starting with today (because yesterday sucked and I couldn’t be bothered)

So here goes today! Don’t you love my unmade bed, clothes all over the floor and super messy bathroom!?


1. Free People Tunic – Gotta love the tunic. Hides the troublesome areas on the hips, thighs, butt and is so comfy to wear. This particula lovely tunic is a jersey material made by Free Peeps (aka Free People) and was purchased in cute little store in downtown Ganges while I was visiting my girl Jules.

2. Mavi gold Alexa High Rise Skinnies – These are hands down the BEST jeans like evah. The hi rise is good for concealing the muffin top without using any shapewear and the extra tencel in the fabric helps them keep their shape without any saggy-butt-itis. Run, and get your a pair of these!

3. The Toque – This one I love because it is super light weight so you don’t get excessive sweaty head. Bought at Urban Outfitters. Also great when you haven’t washed hair in say…4 days? Yay for being lazy!

4. Fluevog Nuni Boots – Ooooooooo….mama has been coveting these boots for almost 2 years now. My uber fashionable bestie has rocked these babies with style for that long and I finally broke down an got em. They have a bit of a heel which is great to give them a bit more je ne sais quoi than my day to day bootie. Unfortunately they NEVER go on sale 🙁

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  • Reply Sarah Robinson January 13, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    A) Is Free People sold at Value Village?
    B) I’m jealous you get rad hand me downs.
    C) Clearly I need to shop more cause Urban Outfitters? Huh. Who wudda thunk.
    D) Fluevogs?? Covetous.

    • Reply Christine January 14, 2015 at 10:47 am

      Hey Sarah,
      a) sadly Free Peeps rarely goes on sale, unless I am doing a closet purge 🙂
      c) Urban Outfitters is DA BOMB – it’s part of the Anthropolgie/Free People congolmerate!!!
      d) THEY ROCK!

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