How To Protect Your Mombre Hair

November 17, 2015

hydrate_systemSo , last week I chatted with you about mombre hair and my love for all things Drew Barrymore. As I mentioned I had been unintentionally rocking the style out of sheer laziness (read: long roots) for many many months. But after my uber fab hair stylist Kelly upped my hair game by making me more “intentionally” mombre with icy blonde ends and rich brown roots meant it was time to give my hair a little more TLC in the cleaning and maintenance department.

I mean I know I can probably go another 8-12 months without another trip to the salon, it is mombre after all and I am a bit lazy that way, but not if I don’t take care of my tresses. My icy blond will turn, well, dirty blond and that’s just not so cool.

So what to do to keep my hair looking as good on day 200 as it does on day 7? Well, it means shampooing my hair ONLY every 3-4 days (or longer now that I am rocking my toques on a regular basis again). A little squirt of dry shampoo keeps my roots looking fresh from days 2-4 as well.

And on the days I do shampoo? Well, it’s time to cough up a little dough girls and get a quality product that won’t make your blond brassy or dry out your hair too much. Ditto for the over-shampooing – your hair needs it’s natural oils y’all!

Now this is one of the rare times I love a product so much that I will rave about it without any incentives at all. Enter Pureology Hydrate Shampoo. Not only does this shampoo smell like a little slice of heaven (reminiscent of Aveda’s Shampure actually) it is also paraben and sulfate free. It is made with a super concentrated formula and has anti-fade properties so you only need a small dab (no really!) to whip your hair into an amazing, luxurious lather. Sooooooo good!

The conditioner is completely amaze-balls as well. A little bit goes a long way and leaves even newly color treated hair (hello!) super smooth and shiny.

So rock out your awesome mombre ladies but remember to take care of it too!

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