Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes to Social Media

April 10, 2013

*Ahem* : )

In the world of social media there seems to be the perception these days on “bigger is better” when it comes to growing your Facebook likes or Twitter followers when in fact, instead of focusing on quantity, you should be focusing on the quality of your followers. Having a large audience is great, but the big question is…can you influence and engage them? When you post a question or a comment – do people respond? And then do you back?

So, let’s take for example a Facebook Page of a certain newbie blogger and designer (shameless self promotion here). Since February I have built up my fan base to just over 120 fans. Last year, I would have panicked and sent emails to friends, long lost relatives, my cousins’ sisters aunt’s BFF in Florida,  you name it just to boost my numbers, but now that I am older and wiser I am quite content at my slow and steady organic growth. When I look at my Facebook Insights, (click link for great beginner’s guide) my engagement on posts and “people talking about this” is really quite decent and by constantly watching and adjusting what works and what doesn’t work I am hoping to keep building those numbers steadily. I guess bottom line peeps is to remember that this is SOCIAL media after all and not just a numbers game…so engage, interact, rinse and repeat and you are guaranteed to be a success!




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