Want an eyelift without surgery? Try this!

July 12, 2013

brow-threadingI am not new to this whole eyebrow shaping/waxing thing. Being of Eastern European descent has pretty much guaranteed me a life long battle against dark, unruly hair in places I just don’t want it to be. I love the “lift” that a nicely arched brow gives me and for under $25 a pop, it is a heck of a lot cheaper that injectables…..

Anyhoo – I did visit an amazing new threading salon called 4 Angels Beauty Care the other day. Nav, the owner, sat me down in one of their posh service chairs and worked her magic on my brows (I ignored the comments about threading my ‘stache cause I am not ready to go there quite yet…those babies are still blond enough to stay put for another year or two!) and after some soothing rosewater gel, a quick head massage and some subtle brow makeup (yes I am an over plucker) I was looking more Heidi Klum than Brooke Shields. Perfecto!

But that wasn’t all. I had made some joking comments about how lazy I am these days about my hair and makeup and especially now that it’s so hot out and Nav suggested that I try an eyelash tint – a semi-permament dye that is placed on your eyelashes (safely) and that washes off over the course of 3-4 weeks. Wow! Look like I am wearing mascara without actually having to put it on each day? I was sold, and am so happy with the results. The blue-black dye that Nav selected compliments my blue eyes perfectly and gives my eyes that POP they need while going mostly bare faced these summer months.

Pop on down and visit 4 Angels sometime and give yourself and little lift 🙂

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