This Is New Years…..

January 1, 2015
We won the party!

We won the party!

Well Happy New Year everyone! Once we actually found my camera (in the guest bedroom ahem) , we had some good fun looking through the photos and piecing together what exactly happened here last night. Much like the Hangover Movie Franchise things are a bit blurry but I know the night involved some really good friends, a lot of toasts, a lot of shots, a crokinole tourney (slash drinking game), a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity and an actual viewing of the “Ball Drop” in Times Square at the actual real midnight (PST) – not something that has happened much in these parts in the last 8 years or so. There were a few hardcore hold-outs and I did lose the hubby for a little while (no joke – he totally vanished) but once the dust settled at 3:30am this was my New Years….

3:31am: OMG. Finally going to bed.
3:37am: Get up for water and advil. Key for rest of day survival.
9:02am: Wake to the sounds of my darling 8 year old asking where the iPad charger is. The same charger that happens to be sitting right next to me on my night stand. Grr.
9:07am: Walk downstairs to a scene that looked something like this. Ugh. Go back upstairs.

Not my actual house but you get the idea. I think my house looked worse.....

Not my actual house but you get the idea. I think my house looked worse…..

9:10am: Take more advil, grab a the garbage and recycling and go at er.
10:15am: Stop for a good old fry-up time complete with eggs, bacon and cinnamon buns and our good friends who stayed the night. Laugh as we look through all the photos (and quickly delete those that should not be publically consumed)
11:00am: Talk about what a good idea it would be to go for a New Years Day ride. Drink coffee instead.
11:21am: Talk about it again.
11:45am: Actually decide to go. Will be a great way to start the New Year and purge some of last nights toxins!
12:30pm: Make it to SFU. Almost back out due to waves of nausea and coooollllllldddddd weather.
12:41pm: Suck it up and get on the bike. Have beautiful, but slow ride up, up, up
2:30pm: Get trash talked by my friends kids (and hubby) on the trail for not executing a highly dodgy stunt on Nicole’s (they were hiking as we were riding)
2:47pm: Have completely forgotten about pain in head until we reach the cars. Ugh. But still so happy to have ridden.
3:31pm: Home – sweaty and cold and very hungry. Friends pop by to collect various items left at party last night.
3:59pm: Decide there is zero chance of me cooking dinner tonight
4:10pm: Start this blog post, get distracted by facebook.
5:00pm: Order sushi, but must get out of pajamas to collect. Boo.
6:10pm: Full belly. Very tired. Time to post on the blog and fold mountain of laundry.
6:47pm: Attempt to make sense of work emails from last 2 days. Decide to watch Veronica Mars instead (and fold laundry)



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  • Reply Sarah Robinson January 2, 2015 at 9:46 am

    We would make great friends … minus the biking thing 😉

    Wishing you a fab 2015!

    • Reply Christine January 2, 2015 at 9:40 pm

      fist bump!

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