My next great love affair #StreamTeam

January 28, 2015
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Does any woman really like the Fabio types? C’mon now….

Last fall I fell in love.


I threw myself into this love affair with a passion that almost overwhelmed me.

I stayed up night after night laughing and crying and getting to know my new love. My love was light and funny and fluffy and we had a great time together and for 1.5 months it was pure bliss.

And then, as suddenly as it began, it was over. No note, no phone call, no text message. Just over.


There were a few dark days after it all ended where I had trouble sleeping and eating, thinking I would NEVER find a love like that again.

And then I met Wentworth and all was well again in my world.

We have been staying up night after night getting to know eachother. Wentworth is very different from my previous love – dark and brooding and serious – but we have fallen for eachother all the same.

But soon, I know that this will end and I will be back in that dark lonely place until I find my next great love. And that is why I am so thankful for Netflix, cause my next great love affair is just a few clicks away!










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