Why I will always be a tomboy

April 7, 2016

I’ve never been a “girly girl”. I’ve always been the sporty tomboy who was first into the mud and last into makeup. I spent my youth playing sports, running and generally being active and outdoors as much as possible. I am absolutely happiest when tackling an obstacle on a mountain bike trail I previously considered beyond my reach, and ending the day covered in mud, grinning from ear to ear. This is the real me, the joyful dirt covered lady with a several pairs of runners and boots and bike shoes and somewhere in the deepest depths of my closet lies a lone pair of feminine high heels I wore once to a wedding.

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I’m not into fashion over function, I mean I like a nice looking pair of shoes but it’s the performance that sells me. I have a beloved pair of old smelly ripped sneakers, the ones I shouldn’t even wear anymore but just can’t part with. You have probably seen them a lot on my Instagram account, you know these ones…(Simple Satires circa 2006 or so).


My old Simples have lost their functionality and support, but they feel like old friends and I wear them to basketball games, night’s out and grocery shopping alike. I know it’s time to replace them but I also wonder if they could be given a new lease on life with the right products? Could it make them less stinky and dirty perhaps let me keep them as my fave pair of shlubbing around shoes?

Lucky for me Tana has amazing products to keep your new shoes new and help your old ones regain some of their former glory, particularly the Tana Shoe Refresher which worked wonders on my beloved, but stinky old friends.

Tana Shoe Refresher

While refreshing them helped give them a second chance smell wise, it didn’t solve my problem of needing to replace them with something I can wear like “out-out” and not just gardening or at the park with my kids. So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and buying some sassy spring shoes, something lightweight and a bit more feminine than what I would normally choose. Maybe even… strappy! Ok, that might be going too far, but hey go big or go home right?

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So I hit the shops last week and landed at my home base of Ronson’s and the vast array of shoes and sandals was overwhelming to say the least. I am a woman of Simple tastes (mind the pun), I do not own a thousand pairs of stilettos (or even one actually), and I opt for quality over quantity in all aspects of my life (wine doesn’t count).

I had decided beforehand that I would buy myself a functional, pretty pair of shoes that would offer comfort and support, yet be feminine-ish, and not like clunky blocks on my feet (difficult with size 10 feet let me tell you). Impossible you say?  With the amazing help from the staff at Ronson’s and after discussing care products and how to prolong the life of a good pair of shoes I have in mind a great pair of seasonal shoes that I can wear with shorts, jeans or even a skirt (note to self: buy skirt).


In the end, I stuck to my mantra of quality over quantity and staying true to who I am. I ended up with shoes that I love that aren’t exactly sneakers and with the proper care I can love for years to come, until they become my new go-to-the-park shlub shoes. I wonder what comes after that? Garage cleaning? Dog washing? Mud wrestling? Whatever it is, I have the feeling these shoes will be around for a long time.

So if you need a new pair of shoes to lighten up your spring wardrobe, or need to clean up an old beloved pair, let Tana shoe products help you care for and protect them so you can love the old and new alike! Please stick around a little while longer and watch my silly SnapChat story and keep reading below for a few more awesome tips and tricks to get (or keep) your favorite shoes Spring ready!

This is what happens when you combine a tomboy with Snapchat and bunch of shoe products! Warning: you might see my ugly feet! #tanalovesshoes

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My Top Tips From Tana!

  1. Use your Tana All Protector! It’s not just for the miserable rainy months y’all! It will help protect your fave sandals from sand and ocean and spills from your Iced Latte all summer long!
  2. Sore toes? Use Tana’s In Between Toe protectors to help keep your tootsies feeling fine!
  3. Dirty soles? Use your Tana Suede and Nubuck brush to scrub the footbed of your flip flops or sandals to help remove stains and dirt
  4. Sandal stink? Check out the AH-MAZ-ING Tana Foot Silk! It forms an invisible barrier to keep your feet feeling and smelling fresh all day!
  5. Slippage? Use Tana Freshin’s Disposible Shoe Inserts or Tana Barefoot Insoles!

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