Review of the One Day app

February 10, 2015

So a little while back I confessed to the blog-o-sphere that perhaps I am not the best at capturing all those precious moments in life when it comes to the kids. Sorry boys, your mom will coach your soccer and basketball teams and take you dirt jumping, but I don’t remember when you lost your first teeth or how old you were when you got potty trained. We aren’t perfect right?!

When it comes to hubby, take all my photographic and memory-ographic shortcomings and amplify them by a factor of 10. I mean, the dude loves his boys, but if the million dollar question on a game show was “What is your son’s teachers name right now?” he would be walking away empty handed….

So I am trying to get over my lack of memory capturing skills by using the OneDay App for iOS (which is FREE in the iTunes store y’all) and now OneDay is also available on Android for those non-Apple users like hubby. So there is hope for both of us yet!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.58.58 AM

So head on over to the Google PLAY store and grab your FREE copy of OneDay today and start capturing those million dollar question moments yourself Android users!

And, in case you forgot, OneDay is also available over in the iTunes store as well


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