The lazy mom’s guide to doing kegels

There are a lot of things in life that I should be doing every day that would be good for me, like drinking 8-10 glasses of water, taking my vitamins, eating lots of leafy greens and doing kegel exercises. I know that last item…

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November 30, 2016
Nina Proudman Offspring

My latest style crush #StreamTeam

When things in life get really busy or stressful or rough the first thing that goes out the door is my sense of style (if you can even call it that lol) both with clothes and my hair. I have an insanely stylish friend…

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November 22, 2016
Why I still need my mom

Why I still need my mom

Yesterday I said goodbye to my mom and she headed back to the Island after staying here for the past 2 weeks and it was hard… Hard of course because I love her and it was so nice to have her here to help…

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November 14, 2016
would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? #StreamTeam

There has been a lot of chatter about the season premiere of AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead of late. Without giving away any major spoilers, all of the suspense was surrounding which major character would be meeting his or her end by way of a…

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October 31, 2016

What are you thankful for?

We just had Thanksgiving long weekend up here in Canada. We spent it up at our family cabin eating, drinking, napping, reading and eating lots and lots of turkey. Of course on turkey day we went around the table and spoke in turn about…

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October 13, 2016

Are you a good wife? #StreamTeam

I’d be the first to admit my shortcomings in all the domestic areas of my life. Cooking? Ugh, I just make the bare essentials so no one starves. Cleaning? Only if companies coming or the house smells like pee.  And as for everything else that might…

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September 27, 2016

Can coffee make you smarter? #Bulletproofcoffee

Ah coffee. It really should be considered it’s own “food group” along with wine since it ‘s such an integral part of not only my life but pretty much EVERY single person I know on this planet (well ok, except for my brother..and mom…and dad…wait…

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September 22, 2016

Why I don’t hurt today

Today was the first time in a long time that I didn’t wake up in pain. And I don’t mean the emotional or spiritual variety but real muscle and bone achy pain. And why is this? Well, I wrote a post a little over…

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September 20, 2016