When your five year old makes you burst with pride

December 24, 2013

Note: I started writing this post back on Dec 24th on the drive back to the cabin from Summerland, I lost internet about 30 minutes later and for the rest of our stay so just finishing up the story now….

GriffsnowToday we visited the boys Great Grandpa at his seniors home in Summerland. GG was too unwell to come visit at the cabin over the holidays even for a short while, and a recent fall had him pretty much confined to his bed. It was bittersweet all around as it could be that this is the last Christmas he will spend here on earth. But, he seems to have the strength of a viking (must be those Danish genes) and has pulled through when things looked bleak before.

Anyways, GG can’t speak very well anymore so visiting consists mostly of us telling stories and trying to make him smile. The boys bought GG some gifts, which he liked, and my MIL had bought gifts for the boys on GGs behalf. DS7 opened his gift but something got lost in translation as GG thought DS5’s gift was FOR him and not FROM him. Instead of throwing an epic tantrum or complaining loudly that it was HIS gift, my little wee 5 year old man stood quietly by his bedside while even though you knew it was killing him to not get to open his gift – he just seemed to know that giving GG that little bit of pleasure was the right thing to do….

So so proud.

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