Romance for the Domestically Challenged #Whishromance

January 27, 2014

In just a few short days it will be my 10th wedding anniversary!!!

10 years ago, my now husband, actually decided to go through with the wedding despite my numerous shortcomings, especially in the romance and domestic areas – but we were young, with no kids, and eating ramen for many nights in a row by candlelight in a really small untidy house was kind of romantic right?

Through the years, with the addition of two kids, I can’t say that things have improved much, on either the domestic or romance front.

I have learned to outsource wBoxherever possible – outsource the cleaning (this has been a marriage saver), outsource the cooking (yay for ready made meals and takeout), and the rest I just suffer with (don’t even get me started about laundry). So, it got me thinking? Is it possible to outsource romance?

Lucky for me the answer is YES!! is an online party retailer who came to my rescue by sending me a lovely romantic night for two in a box. The box includes single use dinnerware (no dishes!), tealight holders and tealights (cause we all know candlelight is very forgiving on aging skin), and a reusable tablecloth that doubles as a pashmina afterward (that is if you don’t smear dinner all over it!).


Now get this folks – they also send a manual (think romance for dummies) including a sugLovePic1gested menu, a shopping checklist, and how to lay out the table for your evening.

All I need to do is add in some great ambiance and some great hooch (we will be in Whistler for the big day with sparkling wine – check and check!) and even a nincompoop like me couldn’t go wrong right?!

So I raise a glass to thank for possibly saving what could have been a disaster of an anniversary. Cheers!

** I did not receive compensation for this post, but I did receive a very lovely romantic night for two in a box which is priceless! **
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