How I learned to embrace my inner sci fi nerd (thanks to Stranger Things)

August 31, 2016
How to embrace your inner sci fi nerd
Stranger Things on

Who can resist the 80’s styling and Indian Jones-esque branding of this poster!?

I’ve never been one for the Fantasy or Sci Fi genre. Heck, i’m probably one of only ten people left on earth who has NEVER read any of the Harry Potter books nor anything to do with that fellow named Tolkein (watching the occasional movie whilst stuck bored on a plane notwithstanding). So when I hear all this buzz online about a new series on Netflix Canada called “Stranger Things” I pretty much ignored it all. The show didn’t appeal to me at first of course because a) it’s about a bunch of kids and b) duh – it’s sci fi. But the more and more and more I started to read the rave reviews about Stranger Things from trusted friends and influencers I decided to give it a shot. Watching just one episode couldn’t hurt right and if I get to groove to some Corey Hart while doing so well then that’s all the better. Fast forward 3 long binge-filled nights later and I finished the entire series and was left wanting more more more. I’m still a bit grossed out by some of the Alien-esque special effects and the whole “idea” of the Alien dude that snatches kids for feasting on, but the 80’s soundtrack and unique storyline kept me coming back for more. And lucky for me, Netflix just announced that season 2 of Stranger Things will be coming out in 2017 – Woot!

Once one's inner sci fi nerd has been unleashed what is one to watch next?!

Once one’s inner sci fi nerd has been unleashed what is one to watch next?!

But  now what? My sci fi palette had been wet and I was hungry for more. And then I discovered SENSE8 – a sensual, intriguing story about a cluster of eight Sensates around the world who are connected to each others thoughts and emotions. And let me tell you friends, this show is a 180 degree difference from the somewhat youthful innocence of Stranger Things. I appreciated how real and gritty each of the characters are and the way they weave their stories around each other is really fascinating. Just one word of caution my friends – don’t watch SENSE8 with minors unless you want to have to explain some really challenging questions about just about every topic us parents don’t really want to talk about 😉

So now my inner sci fi nerd has been fully unleashed. Next stop comic-con?

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    Glad to see some love for Sense8. Totally love it. Now you need to watch all the Netflix superhero stuff 🙂

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