Seven Things About My Baby At Seven

October 28, 2015

Today I woke up and suddenly my baby has turned seven.



I have admitted to myself and others over the years that I am not the best when it comes to recording my children’s significant milestones which will make the “When did I learn to walk mom?” conversations difficult in a few years time but I am trying to at least reflect on each years passing by way of the blog so at the very least we will all have this to come back to when I am old and senile.

So, my sweet baby boy, here are seven things about you at seven:

  1. You are so funny. Like for realz, not just “you’re my kid so I have to say you’re funny”. You have this quirky, cheeky cheerful personality that shines through in even the most dull of situations. Like doing homework.
  2. You love to dance. Oh my boy, how you like to bust a move. You rule the house at Just Dance 2015. You dance when no one is watching, and when everyone is too! Not are not shy about that! I am so proud of how you really truly are moved by music and want to pursue it despite being the ONLY boy at dance class. Keep it up my son, because you will be a hit with the ladies in a few years (Magic Mike anyone?)
  3. You still want to marry me. My sweet little boy tells me on a very regular basis that he is going to marry me legal/ethical/moral/creepy issues aside. He sees only the best in me and is my biggest cheerleader. When all I see is a tired/haggard face, he sees me as a “beautiful princess”. You sleep with one of my hoodies wrapped around you like a big hug every night even if we’ve been at eachothers throats all day…THIS is unconditional love I tell you and it is so very lovely.
  4. You are finding your own path. You haven’t been a natural athlete thus far, but whatever you do, you do with a lot of enthusiasm and style. And if you really don’t like something, you aren’t shy to let me know about it (see you later mountain biking and soccer).
  5. You don’t care what people think. I love this about you. You are at a tough age now when friendship alliances are forming, and bullies are bullying, and copycats are copying and kids are picked on for just about everything. But you just do your own thing (see #2 above), think your own thoughts, and you always stand up for your friends, even if another is being not so kind. Keep on being a good friend!
  6. You are really really smart. Despite being one of the youngest in your class you continue to amaze both me and your teachers with the amount of knowledge you already have in reading and math with very LITTLE effort on your part. Don’t be afraid of being one of the S-M-R-T ones.
  7. You don’t like Hair Gel. Ugh. This one kills me as you have some crazy cowlicks kid and your aversion to hair gel makes life very difficult in the mornings before school. Couple that with a dislike of wearing headgear like toques and b-ball hats and each day is a general hair disaster. Good thing he doesn’t care what anyone thinks (see #5)

So happy birthday sweet boy. I love you more than words can express. xoxoxo

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