Why I don’t sleep (in pictures)

March 6, 2015

This week hubby has had a man cold. Well, to be fair it started that way for the first few days and then morphed into a flu-ey chills-fever-headache-sore throaty mega bug by yesterday.

Did I also mention he SNORES. And very loudly. And even more so when he is sick and/or drunk.

And…..DS6 is going through a bit of a nightly nightmare slash wants-to-sleep-with-momma-all-the-time phase right now.


So the whole sleepless week started last weekend in Whistler. We were up having tons of fun with a bunch of good friends and their kids and of course the drinks were flowing freely as was the snoring.

Let me set the scene. We are staying in a VERY large house. Hubby is down the hall about 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small hallway away. Plus every door between the boys and I and the room he is in is closed including a hallway door. And yet….this……this is the sound……


…all night long for two nights straight. Gah!

And then we get back home and the first night back I am exhausted and crawl into bed early (to avoid the snoring) and not one hour after I blissfully fall asleep I feel the warm little body of DS6 crawl into bed next to me, nay, he forces me to shuffle over to the center of the bed next to the snoring and now sickly and feverish hubby. Here is how that night went…

So here I am trapped between a feverish snoring beast and a small little bed hog who is also eminating a sh*t ton of heat

So here I am trapped between a feverish snoring beast and a small little bed hog who is also emanating a sh*t ton of heat

So eventually I extricated myself (soaking wet from being in between a 6 year old heat bomb and a feverish hubby) from the bed without waking DS6 and went to sleep in DS6’s wee little tiny very uncomfortable bed.  Not one hour later DS6 wakes and comes and finds me and crawls into his wee little tiny very uncomfortable bed with me.


So basically repeat this dance for most of the week. Hubby is getting sicker and sicker and is hacking and fevering and shaking each night and I could have gone down to the guest room at some point but that room out of commish due to some renos this week. Of course.

And last night I finally tried DS8’s queen sized bed. And that went about as well as can be expected when your 8 year old is also a heat seeking missile. I spent most of the night perched precariously on the edge of the bed being awoken at 15 minute intervals by teeth grinding, snoring, elbows/knees poking etc etc. Oh, and yes, DS6 did wake up at some point as well although I am so delirious now that I barely remember.


DS8 is a really tall kid and why he needs to sleep almost completely horizontally still is beyond me.


So tonight.

Tonight I will drink so that it might help me sleep. Sleep in my car, sleep in the basement, sleep just about anywhere as long as it doesn’t involve tiny jabby elbows or snoring or hacking. Wish me luck!


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  • Reply Hannah Spray March 8, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Oh, what I would do for a whole night of uninterrupted, blissful sleep!!! It’s been a very long 19 months since I got to experience that, and I am trying all sorts of things to get my little one to PLEASE DEAR GOD SLEEP!!!

    We’ll get there. So will you. It is somewhat daunting that your 6-year-old is still causing some sleeplessness, though. 6 years?? I don’t think I can survive that long…

    • Reply Christine March 11, 2015 at 10:47 am

      Buckle up mama. It’s a looooonnnnnggggg sleepless ride.

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