Camping at Lightning Lakes (Manning Park)

July 3, 2014



The first thing that comes to mind when I think Manning Park is bears. And lots of them. And of the Grizzly variety. And this is when I am sooooo thankful for our JayFeather Ultra Light I mean, it would be a little harder for a bear to rip through fibreglass and wood than a wee canvas tent no?

But I digress…..

We planned a long weekend escape to Lightning Lakes in Manning Park to celebrate the start of summer and to drink, I mean to hike and bike and spend some QT with the extended fam. The weather forecast was ominous – highs of 14 (GULP) and rain, but lucky for us the weather cooperated and we even stripped down to our tee-shirts on occasion throughout the weekend and the rain mostly kept to the early morning hours while we were sleeping. Yay!

I haven’t spent much time at Manning Park before except for way back when we would take the Hope-Princeton highway to Osoyoos each summer so I was excited to get to know this gorgeous area as an adult. And we weren’t disappointed. There were gorgeous hikes and biking trails (nothing super technical though – boo), lots of spots to fish, and tons of kids for our wee ones to play with. Lightning Lake Campground has a new-ish playground and clean washrooms with WARM showers which is an added bonus for sure. And a mere 2 hour drive from Langley makes it a keeper on our future camping list.


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