Family Camping at Riverside RV Resort

August 6, 2014

We have been home for a day now from an amazing week up in beautiful Whistler BC and I think I have detoxed enough to actually write a semi-coherent post on all of our team shenanigans.

We were lucky to be able to book our trip with our good friends “Team Roberts” (of Mac Ride fame), who recommended staying at Riverside RV Resort after a great experience the prior summer. I am always a little skeptical of campsites that are perched literally on the edge of a town or village, and especially those with little to no privacy, but in the end, the close proximity to the Valley Trails, village, restaurants, groceries, and alcohol won me over PDQ. The clean bathrooms and free showers were just an added bonus in the end! Make sure you have brunch at the Riverside Cafe as well – sooooooo yummy!

Highlights of the trip included:

The Bike Park – So this was a very humbling experience…worst of which was stopping the lift on my very first time up with about 100 hot angry bikers waiting in line behind me. Add to that attempting to maneuver a very foreign and very heavy downhill bike down some very fast and very jumpy trails (think BMX style jumps) and this could have totally ended in disaster. Lucky for me I didn’t do any serious damage, save for some new bruises in places I won’t mention and a very large dent in my shin bone. OUCH!

Ladies Night – And I am not talking “Magic Mike” type stuff here folks…this is a guided ride at the Bike Park every Monday and Wednesday night solely for the ladies. I am not sure I would give our particular night the thumbs up, too many women and too few instructors, but luckily we got to spend some QT with an old friend and kick a** biker who showed us some tricks on the very beaten up trails.

Lakeside Park – Despite the swimmers itch, we logged many hours down at Alta Lake at this cute little beach – many thanks to Mega Dob for hauling the kids around the lake in the double kayak and to Ash for swimming laps back and forth to the dock. Kisses to you both xxxxxx.

Saturday Night – Saturday night has been coming back to me in bits and pieces over the past few days. You know you have had quite the bender when you wake up in your son’s bunk bed fully clothed with your purse still slung over your shoulder. Oi! But, it was so great to catch up with a dear old friend (or two!) and listen to some amazing tunes compliments of Ruckus Deluxe. Don’t miss seeing them if you are ever in Whistler, truly amazing talents!!

Anyways, you can check out the highlight reel here. Too bad the movie didn’t fully capture my bike park launches!

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