My Summer 2016 Bucket List

June 20, 2016
My Summer Bucket List

It’s Monday and the countdown is on until the end of school…just 7.5 more days until the lazy dazy days of summer begin! And I don’t know about the rest of you out there but i’m sooo DONE with school.

Done with making lunches.

Done with dragging the kids (and myself) out of bed every morning.

Done with signing forms, and checking homework, and making sure the home reading bag goes back every friday.

I’m done done done-ity done dooooonnnnneeeeee.

That being said, summer vacay is a good 9 weeks long and I know this enthusiasm that I have will quickly turn to frustration/aggravation when the kids hit the inevitable clingy-whiny-needy- I’M BORED stage by about week 2.5. So, my goal is to keep us all active and busy and have TONS o FUN this summer. Unfortunately due to a slightly flawed provincial park camping registration system one of the things NOT on our summer bucket list is a lot of camping. Which is really too bad. And just when I started to learn to like beer and smelling like campfire….

Anyhoo. Here’s what we have on our bucket list this summer, how about you?!

My Summer Bucket List


  1. Road trip to the Okanagan (Round 1) – There’s no better way to kick off the summer with spending the July long weekend soaking up the sun in the Okanagan. Last year we spent a glorious 5 days at Shuswap Lake but again due to the suck-ass online camping reservation system we were shut out of any spots in the provincial campsite this year. So, this year it’s Kelowna and Summerland and a full itinerary of wine-tastings, bike riding, lake swimming and cocktail sipping at Okanagan Spirits. Bliss!
  2. Disney Cruise to AlaskaWarning: I might sound like a bit of a spoiled brat here. Yes, we are going on a cruise to Alaska this summer. And yes, it’s on the Disney Wonder. And yes, I am not paying for any of it since my amazing parents decided they wanted to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary buy taking us all on a cruise. I have heard AMAZING things about these cruises and about Disney’s in particular but I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around being trapped on a boat for 7 days with thousands of people (and did I mention I get really seasick?!). I mean, I can barely tolerate the ferry ride over to Victoria and that’s only 1.5 hours. Ugh! But, i’m stocking up on sea-sickness bands and luckily a few of those thousands of people on the ship happen to include my immediate family and my bestie from Australia so I think i’ll be ok. Plus, I hear Alaska is kinda beautiful this time of the year 🙂
  3. Muddbunnies Mountain Bike Camp at SilverStar – The boys will be dropped in Summerland with the grandparents while I travel on solo to Silverstar to attend a women’s only mountain bike skills camp. Woo hoo! A visit with some dear friends, more wine tasting and cocktail sipping will also be the agenda!
  4. Camping at Cultus Lake – Sadly only one of two camping trips I have been able to book all summer long but sure to be a super fun one with Cultus Lake, Vedder Mountain (riding for me!), Cultus Lake Adventure Park and the Cultus Lake Waterslides all within close proximity.
  5. Trip to Vancouver Island for Granny Camp – I am so fortunate that my boys have two sets of very active, healthy and loving grandparents who are still more than happy to take them for a stretch of time each summer. This also affords me one of my few true “breaks” all year where I have time to myself to do whatever the h**k I want which I plan to spend checking out Bear Mountain’s Bike Park, visit with my girl Jules on Saltspring, and log some qt on and off the bike trails with the lovely Tanis Frame on the Sunshine Coast.
  6. Beach time – I have never been very good at just sitting still, especially when I feel hot and sweaty at the beach but I have come to appreciate the art of just “taking a load off” and chilling at the beach with the kids this past year. I also have big plans to get the boys throwing the Ulti disc (aka frisbee) a bit more so beach time will be the perfect place to do that!
  7. Hikes – Unfortunately I have one kid right now that isn’t so into in being on his mountain bike so group rides are difficult to negotiate at times, but we have big plans to tackle some great local hikes here in the Valley, the North Shore and up in Squamish. Can’t wait to finally check out the Sea to Sky Gondola!
  8. Pilgrammage to Whistler – Last year the boys and I spent almost 2 full weeks camping up in Whistler which was absolutely amazing (save for the mice infestation near the end of the trip). This year we are leaving the trailer at home and logging some time at a friend’s home instead but will still spend our week crusing the valley trails, hitting Lost Lake, watching Crankworx and spending some time at the bike park. #stoked





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