How I survived Black Friday without buying anything

November 28, 2014

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It’s now 6:02 pm PST and I have not bought a SINGLE thing on this oh so infamous day of mass consumption and consumerism known as Black Friday. Crazy huh? And how did I do it?

Now I must confess it was partly because I couldn’t. My VISA card was compromised last week by some shyster who skimmed my card and attempted to buy a bunch of things in the States. Bah humbug!

Lucky for me those purchases were flagged by RBC Card Services who promptly shut down my card last friday. But it was also unlucky for me because I discovered the fraud while attempting to by a round at the bar that same night. From hero to zero in 10 seconds flat.

Anyways, my new VISA card was ready for pick up this afternoon, which I did and activated right away thinking “I still have time to get online!” But despite all the BF ads flashing at me and the emails in my inbox trying to lure me into deals on wheels I just couldn’t do it.

SAVE 50% on the lowest price of the season? No thanks.

Buy One, Get Three Free! Um, no.

I got up and walked away.

Today, instead of spending I connected. I had coffee with an awesome new friend, spent time in the sun with my kids at the playground, and am currently cuddling in bed with my littlest man getting ready to watch a movie. Soon we’ll hit the hay and this Black Friday will be nothing but a memory. That is until Cyber Monday – then all bets are off 🙂





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