How I am prioritizing self care this year

February 13, 2015

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The calendar is rapidly ticking down yet another year as we edge closer to my next birthday in April. I am continuing to work away on my goal of achieving contentment this year (more riding – check! good work balance – check!) but one of my big challenges comes with body image.

In that department, I need some help.

I am solidly into my 40s now and gosh darn it all of that great self acceptance and body love I was striving to have by now just ain’t there. And by golly, I am going to do something about it.

So this year I am treating myself to a few early bday prezzies:

Personal Training aka getting strong and eating healthy – We are not just talking about any old personal training here, but personal training by someone who actually knows a LOT about my issues with diastasis rectii and old sports injuries and can help me work through them. My lack of self control, love of wine and eagerness to please others means that I need someone to keep me accountable for not eating entire bags of chocolate almonds and doing all the stuff I hate while at the gym. In fact I am having a “first date” tomorrow with my potential new trainer and I am hoping to knock it out of the park so she will fit my into her already full schedule. Go me!

Fixing my Pelvic Floor – This isn’t as kinky as it sounds folks. Basically I would love not to pee when I sneeze or jump and I would love to not look like I literally swallowed a bowling ball whole most days (thanks to that good old diastasis rectii). So after having this on my to-do list for over two years I finally made the call and have an appointment booked. If this doesn’t work, then abdominal surgery (aka tummy tuck) is the ONLY option should I decide to go down that path but at least I know I tried everything.

Wrinkle Reduction  – I have done some laser in the past to help with my rosacea and one of the benefits was some temporary skin tightening. Yay! But again, it was very temporary and very mild in the results department. Well, this 40+++ mama has a few laugh lines that need to be hit with the big guns, cause they just don’t go away when I am not laughing anymore. I suppose I could pull a Kayne and Kim  and just not smile anymore, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I also don’t want to look like a Real Housewife or the late Joan Rivers so I am checking out a few different options like Ultherapy and Venus Legacy and will report back if I take the plunge and what results I get.

How are you making numero uno a priority this year?


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  • Reply Hannah February 13, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    Ugh! I have the whole abdominus wrecked-us, too. Big time. Three fingers worth of space almost all the way up my middle. I got HUGE with my little love, thanks to an excess of fluid. I saw a physiotherapist for a while who was very helpful with some great exercises that seemed to be helping with that and my pelvic floor, but I was busy/lazy, then had further complications with infection post-c-section, so I fell into give up mode. This is something I’d really like to work on, too.
    The most apparent source of my body-image woes is the elephant seal worth of excess skin that sags like a wrinkle dog’s neck rolls from my belly when I bend over now. In terms of weight and “chub”, I’m actually better now than pre-pregnancy, but I could probably offer shelter for several small children and their dog if I pull out my belly flaps.
    Sigh. I wonder if those body wraps would make a difference? Bio oil runs don’t seem to be cutting it…

    • Reply Christine February 15, 2015 at 9:04 am

      LOL! Oh girl. I feel for you. Just booked my first physio appt AND 20 sessions with the trainer. If they can’t make some progress then I am going to consult a surgeon.

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