A Girl And Her Shoes: A Love Story #TanaLovesShoes

October 21, 2014

#TanaLovesShoesForget diamonds y’all, shoes have got to be a girls best friend.

It started back in the 3rd grade when I coveted my BFF’s pair of nubuck Cougars, and carried on over the years to my amazing jelly shoes, super cool Chucks, trendy Peter Pan boots and of course uber preppy deck shoes (ugh).

These days, I am not even close to having a Carrie Bradshaw type shoe obsession, but I do own my fair share. I know many of you can relate that there IS a need to own multiple pairs of ankle booties in brown right? I mean there are your casual ones, your going out ones (with the kick ass heel), the suede ones, the distressed leather ones, the summer ones and the winter ones etc etc. And best of all, shoes don’t care if you haven’t lost those last 5/10/30 pounds, they always look and fit great!

So now that you have justified I mean, made this investment in your shoes, how do you protect your suede/nubuck/leather babies from both normal wear and tear and inclement weather?

Lucky for me, I was invited to Ronson’s Shoes at Semiahmoo Mall to learn a whole ton of great shoe care tips thanks to #TanaLovesShoes  (and do a little shoe shopping to boot – mind the pun).

So, what are some of the best foot and shoe care tidbits I learned? Read on, my lovelies….

bootsa) Tana All Protector Universal Spray is your best friend. Ok we all probably have at least a few cans kicking around in our closets and have all done the token spray when we buy a new pair of shoes. However, you should be re-spraying your shoes EVERY 8-10 WEARS because the aerosol in the all protector spray will evaporate over time. And, all protector is not just for shoes, use it on your leather purses, hats and even the bottoms of your jeans to help repel the elements and protect your wares!

b) Shoe fit is very important. One of my feet is 10.5 and narrow, the other is a 10 and medium width – trying to find shoes that fit well is next to impossible. So, over the years I have been guilty of trying to cram my clown feet into shoes that are a wee bit too small or a wee bit too big. Lucky for me Tana makes some great products like heel grips, gel insoles and heel liners to help you feel comfortable in your shoes no matter what sort of fit problem you might be experiencing!

c) Dubbin isn’t just for soccer cleats! Dubbin (or Mink Oil) is great in our wet coast climate to help maximize water repellency, offer protection from dirt and stains, and keep leather supple. Use it on your hiking boots, your kick ass leather knee highs, or your sweet leather kicks to keep your feet warm and dry this winter! But don’t use dubbin on suede or nubuck – it is just for smooth leathers. Use sparingly, apply to a clean surface and buff off. You should expect a slightly oily film, this is the repellent

d) Keep your babies looking new (even when they aren’t) – Ok, I love to justify buying new shoes simply because my old ones are looking worn, but Tana makes it easy to keep your beloved old pairs looking great with line of cleaners, polishes and cloths.

So, I ended up buying a muy fabulous pair of Frye Boots that already have a bit of vintage flair (see above), but thanks to Tana, all I need to do is spray them with All Protector every 8-10 wears and I will be good to go all winter long.

For more more tips and information, check out Tana.com’s website and happy shoe shopping!

 I am taking part in the Tana Shoe Care Blog campaign. While I have received compensation as part of my affiliation with this program, the opinions shared are my own.


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  • Reply Maureen November 12, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Every 8 to 10 wears! Oh crap, I have some catching up to do!

    • Reply Christine November 13, 2015 at 2:49 pm

      I KNOW RIGHT?! I’m a total shoe protection failure!

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