The reason I am so darn stubborn

March 24, 2015
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I am not much for astrology per se, but I do know that I am an Aries, and that I follow many of the characteristics of the dear old Ram like for example…


This applies to all parts of my life for sure. I can hold a grudge with the best of them, and defend my opinion no matter what the personal or professional cost.

And I have never been good with being injured. In fact, many many moons ago in my sporting heyday, I recall running myself so hard on shin splints that I actually fractured them. “Take that” said my body, now you HAVE to slow down. Ugh.

Ditto with the broken toe…slap some tape on that and feed me lots of advil

The broken thumb and torn ligament…give me a brace and I am good to go, it’s my left hand anyways




I haven’t had to deal with injury in quite some time now since having kids, but since I have taken mountain biking back up last year it’s been….

The broken problem, it’s just the pinky and my front brake hand lets keep riding! (the pinky finger is still busted)

The partially torn Lateral Collateral Ligament (try saying that three times fast!) in my knee..lets go on a 6 day mountain biking trip just one week after injury no problem!

And you know what. My knee ain’t good. It HURTS. It is really swollen and the pain has migrated because I wouldn’t give it a break. And because of my stubbornness I have now likely done more damage and it will affect my work with my personal trainer that I have paid mucho dineros for. Sigh.

Short term pain for long term gain I think not.

So, now I accept defeat. There will be no riding for at least one week, and no cardio either. And this KILLS me.

I can still work on my abdominus wrecked-us and upper body as well but thats about it.

And at least there’s wine…..



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