When your kids don’t believe in Santa anymore

December 2, 2015

There seems to be something in the air this year. I have seen so many posts lately about how this year in particular, no one believes in Santa anymore. The magic and myth is just…gone. POOF!

For some, it’s because their kids are getting older, and of course they are figuring out this whole Santa thing. The smart ones will still play along though, especially if they have younger siblings, cause this will only benefit them in the end as well too right?

But my little guy is only 7. And he just doesn’t believe anymore.

It all happened the other day while we were driving to swimming and he blurted out “Santa isn’t real. It’s parents that buy all the presents”. I have to admit I was a little shocked to hear this at such a young age, but I guess the anti-Santa backlash has been spreading around his class, and with peer pressure and all, he’s been swayed to the dark side.

So I tried this..

“Well, that’s too bad that you don’t believe in Santa honey cause I am sure you will miss getting a nice present and stocking this year”

And my son paused and considered this for a second and said..

“But you will just buy presents for me anyways…”

Hmmmm 🙁

Not only do I have a lesson in “what is NOT going to happen if you don’t believe in the magic of Santa” here, but a teaching lesson in that Christmas is not about getting presents.

So of course that got me thinking even more about this whole present thing this year. I mean my kids have so so so much and they really don’t appreciate it at all. I am not talking Veruka Salt levels of brattiness here, but all the same, they really have never gone without.

So this year will be about experiences over presents and GIVING over getting.

We have already donated a lot to the school’s annual toy and food drive, the firefighters clothing drive, and we will buy “gifts that keep giving” from World Vision for those who have far less than us and we will support the World Food Programme which is struggling to help feed far too many refugees.

So, who knows if Santa will show up at our house on Christmas Eve. What I do know is that we will be spending WAY less on ourselves this year and way MORE on those who really need it.

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  • Reply Tanis December 2, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    YES! love it!! the obsession at holiday time around so much STUFF breaks my soul a little bit… I’m so thrilled to see all the fun you and the boys are going to get up to with this shift in mindset… I think they should try taking mama to the spa 😉 LOL.

    • Reply Christine December 3, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      Oh this mama is down with that 🙂

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