Is your kid a bedtime staller? #StreamTeam

November 25, 2015

It’s now 9:29pm and I am JUST finally sitting down to start on what will surely be another 2-3 hours of work. And who do I have to thank for all these late nights? Well my children, and their super-drawn-out bedtime routine of course!

Somehow, I had this totally erroneous thought that as my kids got older bedtime would become more and more easy and efficient. I mean, they can both brush their own teeth, get into their jammies and even read their own books now! Sweet!

But somehow, this is NOT the case. Bedtimes are getting later and longer. Later yes, since they are a bit older, but longer? CAMMON!

I’ve started to catch on to some of their tricks. The big one now is the last second “I’m sttttaaaarrrvvvviiiinnnggggg” plea just as we are about to start bedtime routine. I have now combatted this with a 15 minute before bedtime routine warning so that they get themselves one last snack before lights out. Score one for mom!

But then there’s the reading part. It always takes a minimum of 10 mins per child to actually figure out which book he wants to read, then another 5 minutes of rock-paper-scissors to figure out who’s book to read first, then the additional 10 minutes of incessant questions about whichever book we are reading (even if we have already read it 1000 times). Add another 5 minutes for a last minute bathroom stop, another 5 for water bottle refill, 5 more for negotiating for back rubs and kisses from mom and suddenly we are at about 90 minutes from start to finish. Ugh.

And of course I know I am preaching to the choir here, any parent I know goes through the EXACT same torture I mean routine every night.

Lucky for us Netflix feels our collective parental pain and came up with this super fun graphic outlining all the “bedtime staller” styles that we have to put up with on a nightly basis.

What category to your littles fit into? 🙂



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