The ROI On Blogging Conferences

April 29, 2015

So. Here I am. Sitting poolside next to two of my BBFFs (blogging BFFs) in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona. initially I wasn’t supposed to come to Mom 2.0 but I think the universe had other plans and here I am. 

I’m not gonna lie, Sometimes I find it hard to justify the ROI on coming to a big conference like Mom 2.0. I mean, I’m just a small time blogger from the burbs (with aspirations to grow) but there are some BIG guns here. Will I gain enough direct and indirect financial benefit to justify the cost?!

And then, I spend time with some really amazing women and connect in ways that can’t be measured directly in dollars and cents. 

It’s the connections you make that hold the ROI. It’s the people you have followed on Twitter and finally meet face to face and the really cool brands that want to talk to even a small fish like me. 

There is ROI in getting inspired and in learning. Especially after going through a bit of a writing drought. 

There is ROI in writing by poolside and finally getting a blog post out. And yes, we might be ordering our first “drinks” but we are connected and we work. We chat. We laugh. We talk through problems. And Thanks to some amazing free wifi and my iPad mini I won’t go home to an overflowing inbox and pissed off clients. 

ROI indeed.  


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