The Top 31 Things I Learned at ROAM

June 9, 2015
ROAM Social Media COnference

Photo Credit – Jeremie Dyck

This post is long overdue as it’s almost been a week since I got home from the ROAM social media conference in Kelowna last week but for good reason(s). And those good reason(s) are that there was A LOT of information to digest (and I was off riding my bike in the beautiful sunny weather). And when I say a LOT of information, I mean like as in the most practical information I have received from any conference I have attended to date (and I even missed 3 of the sessions due to schedule conflicts!).

And this was no small feat considering this was the inaugural year for this innovative and intimate event, put on by the Jennifer Powell of Blissdom Canada (Canada’s Largest Social Media conference) and her amazing team. I have always been a strong believer that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to social media (and conferences) so this intimate affair was the exactly right size with the exactly right mix of content, connection and inspiration (and maybe a little fresh ink was had as well!).

So without further ado, here are the top 31 things I learned while in ROAM:
** Content excerpts from the sessions by Paula Coop McCrory (Pinterest expert), Alexandra Grant (Instagram Expert), Sheri Lee Woycik (Facebook Expert), Laura Berg (YouTube expert) **

  1. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make some kick a** graphics. Shameless self promotion for a post I write last month, but the value of Canva was re-iterated by a very smart woman in one of the sessions.
  2. To attract your ideal followers or customers on Facebook you need to elicit an emotional response – figure out WHO they are and WHAT they will respond to
  3. Create a Facebook Cover Image that represents the dreams of your ideal customer and change your cover at least 2x per month. Did you also know that cover images are shown to more Facebook users than any other type of post!
  4. Ideally you should be posting 3-5 times per day for optimal Facebook engagement (gasp!)
  5. When adding photos to Facebook, add them in 4’s and always add them to an album. Create several that work for you and the then keep posting into those albums as you go.
  6. 80 characters or less in your Facebook posts is the best for engagement (who knew?!)
  7. Use multiple choice questions or use imagery to get your fans to engage and respond
  8. Hashtag addicts be warned! Only use a max of 3 hashtags per Facebook post!
  9. When using Facebook ads – be sure that they are visual, relevant and have an enticing value propostion with a CLEAR call to action.
  10. Try using Facebook CAROUSEL ads which allow you to use multiple images that click through to different links!
  11. That is totally ok to start drinking wine at 9:30 in the morning. Especially when your interactive session is being held at Summerhill Winery
  12. 79% of Pinterest users are women, 58% view Pinterest on a tablet and that 88% actually purchase a product they pin!
  13. Pinterest is very EMOTION based – don’t pin product only shots, use imagery that showcases your product in a real life situation
  14. That you should take the time to fill out ALL of your Pinterest Profile information and your location – people want to know where you are!
  15. That you should take the time to carefully name/describe all of your Pinterest boards and be sure to keep consistent branding across all your boards
  16. That Vertical and Rich pins are your new best friends. Get to know what they do and then do it!
  17. That I am TERRIBLE at Pinterest and that I really need to up my game, but, you can’t be good at everything NOR can you manage 5+ social media platforms well, so you need to choose the ones that work for you best and focus on them.
  18. Instagram has over 300 million active users and growing, is taking over as a major visual storytelling platform
  19. Why use Instagram as a brand? It should be the “window to your soul” – you should be able to tell what your brand is all about or what you sell within “2 swipes” down your feed
  20. That I am using Instagram primarily for personal use right now and that I need to create an account for my brand.
  21. Ideally you want to figure out your “What” “How” and “Why” to attract more users on Instagram
  22. Your Whats – what are the 3 main products or services you provide, what are 3 things you or your customer are passionate about and what are three general descriptors for your business
  23. Your Hows – what colors most resonate with your brand? What type of imagery/texture/filtering resonates with your brand? Are you dark and edgy? Beachy and light?
  24. Your Whys – is each post promoting or cross selling your brand or business? is it consistent with your branding and appealing to you and your customer?
  25. Tips to take Instagram to the next level – always use editing software, find your “filter” home (VSCOCam reccommended) and stick with it, use giveaways to grow your user base, stay highly engaged – comment and follow key members of your community, use geo-tags effectively, create a campaign with an unique and effective #hasthag
  26. When using YouTube, be sure to fill out your ENTIRE header including social links, email and website info!!
  27. Always be consistent with your uploading to YouTube so your viewers get to know your posting schedule
  28. Don’t be afraid of adding other channels to you YouTube playlist to keep your viewers engaged
  29. Be sure to get your YouTube channels KEYWORDS filled out on the Advanced Tab > Account Info
  30. Take some time to create GOOD thumbnails for your videos – it does matter to your viewers when your videos come up in search results!
  31. Consider becoming a YouTube Partner to unlock more features!

Whemph, so I could go on and on but one of the things I learned at Mom 2.0 was that 31 is the optimal number of items for a list post so we will cap it at that.

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  • Reply Miranda Post June 15, 2015 at 8:24 am

    Christine, these are all super great tips! Thanks for sharing. Especially the 3-5 Facebook posts per day. Who knew, I just started a lifestyle blog so I’ll put some of these to good use. So if there is another ROAM event, you would suggest attending?

    • Reply Christine June 24, 2015 at 12:23 pm

      Yes absolutely! Sorry for the late reply 🙂

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