The Top Five Proseccos Under $20

May 14, 2015

Top Proseccos

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you live, but here on the beautiful West Coast of BC our Spring started many months ago in February and has continued to get nicer and nicer as the months progress.

It’s now May and we are headed into the Victoria Day long weekend¬† and that means cracking out the trailer for the inaugural 2015 camping trip! And camping means drinking. Camping means happy hour starts around 11am most days, and I guess it also means getting unplugged, hanging with good friends and doing lots of riding too.

And good weather to me goes hand in hand with all things bubbly. Beer, cider, Smirnoff Ice, and my absolute faves – Prosecco!!

Prosecco is sort of like the cheaper, lighter and crisper version of Champagne and makes the perfect drink all on its own or mixed with your favorite liquer (like Okanagan Spirits Raspberry Liquer). And similar to it’s more snooty counterpart Champagne, whose grapes are only grown in the region of the same name, Prosecco grapes are only grown in the Valdobbiadene/Conegliano region of Italy.

So to celebrate the upcoming summer here is my totally unofficial list of top Proseccos under $20:

  1. Prosecco Frizzante – Villa Teresa (Organic) – this is one of my all time faves. And since it’s organic of course you should just drink more!
  2. Bartolomeo Breganze – Rosa Di Sera – this is a rose prosecco, not my fave for sure, but many of my friends really love it so it is often in my summertime BBQ rotation!
  3. La Jara – Treviso Prosecco Extra Dry Organic – THi sProsecco is a touch sweeter and fruitier than some of the others on this list and that’s why I really like it. I don’t typically use this one as a mixing base, it’s so lovely to enjoy on its own!
  4. Prosecco Frizzante – Mionetto Il ProseccoI really like this one because it has a beer cap top and it could kind of pass for a Perrier bottle if you really needed to hide it from inquiring eyes! Easy access while out at the campground or picnic spot!
  5. Veneto Rose Frizzante – Villa Teresa OrganicAnd I am throwing one last Rose in here because my besties really really like it. And let’s face it, if the bottle is cold, so do I!

So get out and enjoy this lovely weather and be sure to let me know what amazing Proseccos you have the privilege of trying!

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