The things that are AWESOME about having boys

November 20, 2014

So a few days ago I was a bit grumpy and wrote a post about all the ways that the men and boys in my life drive me to drink. However yesterday I was caught in an ushy-gushy moment and thought about all the ways my boys are awesome (most of these apply to my boys under the age of 9).

They are messy: They don’t care if the house is messy, or that they are messy and haven’t bathed in days. In fact they thrive on chaos. This makes my life infinitely easier as I don’t feel the pressure to be June Cleaver all the time.

They don’t care if they are messy: Yes, the boys are messy, but they are happy to roll around in their own filth for days on end! Change my underwear everyday? No way!

They don’t care about Hair: As you know, I have my own hair challenges so I am beyond thankful that I don’t need to know how to french braid or style bangs or ponytail EVERY SINGLE DAY. A little dollop of gel or on really bad days a hat and we are good to go!

They dont’ care about clothes: No fights about matching tights and boots and tunics here! Clothes shopping is as easy as me going out all by my lonesome and just picking stuff I like! At 8 and 6 they are still mine to mold and resist self dressing if at all possible. A skate tee, plus some skinnies, DC shoes and a toque and we are good to go!

They love their mama: Ok all kids live their mamas but there is something so powerful about the love a boy has for his mama. I am bar none the most bee-u-tee-ful girl in the world as far as they are concerned – stretch marks, floppy boobs, wrinkles and all. Even on my worst (looking) days, they still manage to find my light within and point it out in such lovely ways “Mama, you look like a unicorn riding a rainbow” <heart melts>.

They are mine to help mold into good men: Men who aren’t afraid to show emotion or cry. Men who can say I love you and mean it. Men who won’t settle for “good enough”. Men who see women as equals (or superiors!). Men who think it’s normal that mom coaches their soccer teams and takes them to the bike park. Men who love cats! Men who won’t settle for anything less than the bar that was set by me. Men who want to be good dads.


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