How to let go of your mama’s boys

June 19, 2014


As you know, I am mom to two boys – two momma’s boys to be exact. They lurve their momma and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, recently I have noticed that the tides have turned. Dad has stealthily moved his way up the totem pole and more often than not claims top spot a good majority of the time. Heck, even my wee little 5+ year old is jumping on the Dad bandwagon more and more these days – and this coming from the kid who would accept noone but momma for his first 5 yrs of life.

In fact, a few weeks ago I was having a conversation with my 8 year old about a friend’s parents who had separated. I was explaining to him that sometimes Moms and Dads just don’t get along anymore but they always love their kids and that is why they sometimes live apart (and specifically that was why he couldn’t have a playdate that particular day because it was the dad’s turn with the kids). Without provocation, J promptly told me “Well, if you and Dad live apart then I would live with Daddy…..”

OUCH <Remove knife from heart>…..

Um kid, don’t you know that I carried you for 9 months, had a 31 hour back labour, 3 epidurals (because the first 2 didn’t work) and an emergency c-section just to bring you into this world. Since then I have endured sleepless nights, cleaning of poop and vomit, and tantrums. I have bathed and clothed and fed and loved you for 8 years and this is the thanks I get?

But, despite this I am glad that they are forming a deeper bond with their dad and I hope that these relationships continue to strengthen over time. But betcha dollars to donuts that they next time one of the boys are sick, or tired or sad, it’s not Dad they will call, and that’s ok.



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