Is It Time For A Facelift?

May 19, 2016

Sometimes, as the years go by, you really start to show your age. Things just aren’t as perky and cute as they once were, and you start to lose confidence, and you just don’t feel like you anymore. So, one day you make the decision to make a change for the better. And a BIG one at that.

You decide to go under the “knife”.

You decide to make some radical changes to your aesthetic in the hopes that it might also transform how you feel on the inside as well.

Now of course I am talking about a proverbial knife here and the big facelift was done to my blog last night during the hours between “kids are finally in bed” and “binge watching Netflix-o-clock”. <insert shameless plug for my WordPress Consulting business here – Ms Pixel can do great things for your blog too!>

So I hope you enjoy the new and improved Whine and Cheese blog and I am hoping that this radical change to my blog’s outsides will kick start some positive changes on the insides as well.






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