My Top Songs of 2014

December 31, 2014


Well, we are here folks – the last day of 2014. In some ways the year has flown by, but when I look back it also seems like so long ago that we were welcoming 2014 with a very non-snowy day at Seymour with Team Roberts. Since then I have been to Disneyland, fell in love with mountain biking again, bought two new bikes, camped, bought a new house, worked tons, broke a finger, made new friends, tried new things, been up, been down, rinse and repeat…..

The year was filled with many highs and a few lows, but music was a constant companion of mine throughout. Here are the songs that defined 2014 for me:

Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High – Arctic Monkeys: It’s hard to pick just one of my fave songs from one of my favorite bands from 2014. From the catchy “Why do you only call me when your high” and “Snap Out Of It” to the darker “Do I Wanna Know” to the Beatle-esque sounding “No 1 Party Anthemn” they just keep rolling out the hits. They have gotten me through many a late night work sesh and project deadline (along with Diet Pepsi and Kettle Corn).

I Never Thought That This Would Happen – Arkells: The song that made me fall in love with the Arkells and never fails to put a smile on my face. My go to happy song. So stoked to be seeing them live in Feb!

Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay: Not released in 2014 but one of my all time faves. Love this quote as a good reminder of how to live with positivity (aka suck it up Buttercup) even when things might not be going my way “Oh what good is it to live, With nothing left to give, Forget but not forgive, Not loving all you see….” – Thinking this quote might end up being tattoo number 5 at some point in 2015. Hmmm……

Stolen Dance – Milky Chance: My feel good song from the summer and the soundtrack of many a happy and soul filling bike ride. Love. Love. Love.

Bad Timing – Blue Rodeo: Ok, so this song wasn’t released in 2014 (1993!!) either but it (and Jim Cuddy in general) is a constant on my playlist. It makes me reflect about the “what ifs” in my life and that certain someone from the past to who this song applies. Sometimes looking back, help us look forward non?

She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert: Reminds me of how lucky I am to have so many amazing girlfriends in my life that support and nuture me and never ever judge. Thank you for helping me through my lows and belly laughing with me through the highs!

And for a list of other amazing songs that I *heart* check out my Holiday Playlist!

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