Top ten shows NOT to watch when you have insomnia

February 21, 2016


So last night I was up until 2+am again. But at least I made semi-productive use of the time by working (until about 12:30pm that is) and then of course my brain is on overdrive and the the remnants of my late afternoon coffee are still working their way out of my system and no sleep is to be had.

Against the advice of every sleep expert there is on this planet, my go-to in these situations of course is to grab my iPad mini and tune into Netflix. Netflix is simultaneously an insomniacs dream come true (there is so much to watch during those sleepless hours of the night) and worst nightmare – the latter is exactly why I have compiled a list of shows NOT to watch in the wee hours of the morning because you too will fall victim to “just-one-more-episode-itis” even when your eyes can barely stay open.

I have wearily but happily consumed many a binge-worthy show in the wee hours of the morning over the past while and wanted to share them all with you my fellow insomniacs. For the most part, I try to keep my late night binge watching fairly light, but lately the heavy hitters have been making the late night rotation. Enjoy!

10 Shows NOT to watch when you have insomnia:

  1. Making A Murderer – Buckle your seatbelts folks, you are in for a wild ride and may need a support group afterwards to obsessively hash over every single detail of every single episode.
  2. Scandal – I must confess that Olivia Pope started to grate on me after a season, but it is still awesome to see a strong female lead character kicking some a** and taking names.
  3. How To Get Away With Murder – Again, a fabulously strong and smart lead female character with a storyline that keeps you coming back for more and more!
  4. Parenthood I wrote a post about this series many moons ago and plan to re-watch it all again in the near future. You will fall in love with the Braverman’s too!
  5. Homeland – There is a reason Claire Danes keeps winning emmys. Trust me, this is a not to be missed series.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy – I’m planning to start binge watching one of the few shows I still PVR religiously every week very soon… Looking forward to heading back to intern year with Meredith, Izzy, Christina and the rest of the crew at Seattle Grace hospital!
  7. Bloodline – Who can resist a little Coach Taylor (aka Kyle Chandler). The series is a bit heavy and can be hard to get into, but give it a couple of shows and you will be hooked on this superbly acted, character driven Netflix original series.
  8. Friday Night Lights – Clear Eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. You also won’t be able to sleep when you get hooked on this cult fave and sob like a baby when the series ends after 5 glorious seasons.
  9. Nashville – Who can resist a little musical drama country style especially when the lead character is another FNL fave (and girl crush) of mine Connie Britton.
  10. Wentworth – OMG. One of my all time fave shows. Totally unlike OITNB, this is way more gritty and raw and violent. Bea’s ascent to the top of the prison food chain will leave you on the edge of your seat every single episode.




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