Four Artists You MUST Have In Your Playlist Right Now

April 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.06.51 PMI’m a sucker for music. In fact, if I could have any one talent in the world it would be to be able to sing (well that is). Music is on constantly around the house, in the car, at the gym etc etc. Music has defined so many pivotal moments of my life thus far…. the song I first danced with a boy too, had my first kiss to, and first “other things” to as well (wink, wink…)

And just because I sit firmly in the 39-50 age demographic doesn’t mean I want to listen to JACK FM, Classic Rock, or “Soft Favorites” from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Yuck.

So I have pretty much given up on the radio of late and  have discovered that the best way to find new music is from watching some of my favorite shows on Netflix!

For example, I just binge watched Parenthood and used the website TuneFind after every single episode to find what ah-mazing songs had just played that episode. Suits, Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy all tend to have fairly kick-a** soundtracks as well.

So without further ado here are my top artists that you really should add to your playlist:

Best music to get really sad and soulful to: Luke Sital-Singh
Honestly all I can say is wow. Just wow. This guy is muy, muy talented. I first discovered Luke Sital-Singh after hearing his haunting song “Dark” while watching Suits. I then checked out pretty much all of his records on iTunes and have downloaded almost all of them. If you really need a good cry then trust me, put on his song “Benediction” (or watch Season 6 Episode 12 of Parenthood) and don’t say I didn’t warn you. I am talking, like, UGLY crying here people. Also love “Everything is Making you” and “Nearly Morning” plus so many many more……

Best all around awesome album: Arctic Monkeys
There are very few albums that have come out over the span of my lifetime that I can honestly say I loved pretty much all of. The Arctic Monkeys album “AM” is one of those few. You’ve probably heard their commercially successful songs like “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” and “Snap Out Of It” but for me, it’s the deep, dark, heart wrenching songs like “No 1 Party Anthem” and “I Want To Be Yours” that I really love.

Best “summer is coming” music: Modest Mouse
The sort-of-local band that did good! All of their tunes are super infectious and catchy and after an 8 year absence from the music scene they are back with a great album. Great music to play while you are burning off a few of yesterdays glasses of wine at the gym, or on the trails! Just try to stay sitting when “Lampshades on Fire” come on – I dare you!

Best totally random discovery thanks to binge watching Parenthood: Brett Dennan
Ok, so ignore the fact that this bespeckled red-headed chap looks like he is about 15 years old. Maybe he is. But who cares cause he makes some amazing music. Check out “Who Am I” and “Only Want You”sooooo good!

So enjoy my current playlist faves, all discovered thanks to my Netflix addiction and TuneFind!




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