My TV Viewing Wall Of Shame #StreamTeam

November 12, 2015

Most days I am lucky if I drag my weary body into bed anytime before 11pm. All I want to do when I get there most nights is…. (no, not that!) curl up with an easy to watch, mildly cheesy, no thought required show on Netflix.

When I look at other peoples lists of “Must Watch Ironic Thrillers” or “The 10 Best Documentaries From Iceland You Need to Watch” I think to myself, “that’s nice” and promptly click away because who has the time or energy for that sort of “heavy duty” watching late at night.

So, i’m putting this out there on the interwebz folks, my Netflix Wall of Shame. All the series I have devoured happily over the past 12 months that require little to no intellect nor even consciousness to enjoy 🙂


  1. Hart of Dixie – Laugh all you want but I totally fell for this feel good series about a quirky little town in Alabama and all the resident characters. Over the course of 4 seasons you will watch everyone date just about everyone else but (spoiler alert) everyone ends up with their true loves in the end. Be warned, you might find yourself wanting to wear matching sweater sets and speaking with a subtle twang after a night of binge watching.
  2. Vampire Diaries – Total tween dream show I know, but who can resist a good vampire/witch/doppleganger/werewolf/vamp-wolf love triangle? Not this girl!
  3. New Girl – I wrote an entire post on how much I loved this light and breezy rom-com. I still LOL to this day thinking of some of the shenanigans that Jessica Day and her zany roomies got up to. Supremely funny indeed.
  4. Beverly Hills 90210 – Yes, 9021-Oh no you didnt! I loved it then, I liked it now. Many many hours of watching spoiled rich kids deal with their life crises in high school and beyond. Almost gag inducing, but nonetheless I came back for more!
  5. Confessions Of A Shopaholic – The books were annoying enough, so I am not even sure why I imposed this self-infected torture upon myself. Or maybe it’s because it made me face the hard truth that maybe I have tinges of shop-a-holic-ism from time to time? Hmmmm….
  6. Heartland – What’s better than a cheesy tween melodrama? A Canadian one!
  7. Happy Endings – Despite the cheesy name this show is actually one of the funniest I have ever watched in a good long time. Filled with quirky characters, super quick banter and many many many LOL moments.
  8. Party of Five – OMG! Do you remember this classic? This is where Matthew Fox first became famous before that little show called LOST came out. Heavy at times, and still made me cry even after all these years.
  9. The In-Betweeners (the tv series and movie) – What happens when you follow 4 uber nerdy English teens around? Pure comedy! Sadly you can’t get the tv series on Netflix but you can watch both the movies based on the series. I would recommend watching the series first (maybe UK Netflix?) as the movies play on much of what happened beforehand to this group of English teenage misfits. Classic!
  10. Nashville – As I hate to diss Connie Britton in any sort of way, but a celebral drama Nashville is not. Centered on the country music scene in Nashville and the rise and fall of several country superstars. The “big arena” concert scenes are almost cringe worthy, but some of the subtle Bluebird Cafe type musical moments are actually quite lovely.

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  • Reply Sarah @ Sarah on Purpose November 12, 2015 at 9:38 am

    I am in need of some Netflix binges and I think I better bite the bullet and try our Party of Five.

    • Reply Christine November 13, 2015 at 2:49 pm

      Do it! Do it!

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