How to convert a vacuum skeptic

August 16, 2017

Call me a cordless vacuum sceptic.

Ever since the days of the fairly useless cordless “dustbuster” that had all the sucking power of a 95 year old toothless grandma and battery life of approx 3 minutes, every time I hear the word “cordless vacuum” I can’t help but think – useless!!

In our house we have a built in vacuum system which is handy in many ways, but also a big pain in the arse in others. Hauling the huge vacuum hose around the house isn’t easy and inevitably it gets left in some random hallway as a tripping hazard for all that live here.

Oh, did I mention we also have a Roomba. It’s mostly used to entertain the cats now because it runs forever, doesn’t pick up as much as I would like it to, and drives me batty as it whirls around all day bumping into things.

So, hubby decided it was time to get a cordless vacuum. I scoffed (both in my head and out loud) and resisted for the longest time. But with two VERY messy boys and two VERY messy kitties (hello kitty litter everywhere) I was getting tired of dragging out the old hose day in and day out (hence the leaving it in a hallway).

Thanks to my beloved Amazon Prime, we ordered up a Shark Navigator Freestyle which got pretty good ¬†reviews online and it arrived lickity split within a day. I skeptically put it together thinking all the while “how can this flimsy little thing actually clean decently”, but the little Shark Navigator Freestyle proved me wrong!

Shark Navigator Freestyle

Now my floors are so clean you can see how much they need re-finishing…oops


With two modes (carpet & hardwood) I buzzed around the main floor all the while marvelling at the amount of stuff it was picking up (and also thinking gross there’s that much crap in our carpets?). Kitty litter was scooped up effortlessly as was assorted pieces of broken toys, cat hair and food stuffs.

So, I think i’ve become a convert thanks to the Shark Navigator Freestyle, it packs a good punch for a decent price!

Although it seems like it, this post is not sponsored. I just really like this vacuum!!

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