What To Do While Camping At Lake Shuswap

July 1, 2015


I am a big fan of BC’s Provincial Parks. In fact, I would much prefer to camp in them than most private campgrounds. For the most part you get way more space, way more lush forest/vegetation, and decently clean washrooms which is definitely a plus.

If you get REALLY lucky, you find a provincial campsite with serviced sites (aka power and water) whiiiiiiiiiiiich sadly Shuswap did NOT especially since the temps cracked 40 degrees celsius this past weekend. The outer circles of hell I tell you but somehow I survived.

Shuswap Provinicial Park is perched on the edge of Lake Shuswap near the tiny town (can you even call it that) of Scotch Creek. But, for its lack of size, it does have a drug store, grocery store, liquor store (!!!) and most important of all, a coffee shop all within a 5 minute drive.

Heck, we even managed to watch the FIFA World Cup Women’s quarter final game from the local pub (Copper Island Inn) on Saturday night which was an added bonus despite Canada’s crushing loss to England. Note that the pub has free WIFI and Air Conditioning too – you might be spending a LOT of time there.

Shuswap Provincial Park is quite LARGE (over 275 reservable spots) and the place is quite the labrynth indeed. Last month I was quite comfortable letting the kids free range all over Alice Lake Provincial Park without fear of never seeing them again and that isn’t totally the case here so be sure to write your spot # on your little ones arms when they venture out. They are all still with us so all was good 🙂

The lake is also easily accessible for all sites via the labrynth, albeit a bit of a walk in the heat when you are laden with bags and a couple of whiny kids and BEWARE of swimmers itch! Poor DS9 had a raging case the first night we were there and I was not equipped with antihistamines nor calamine lotion. Needless to say neither of us slept at all that night.

So, despite the rashes and the heat, we had a great time. Here’s a list of some great things to do the next time you visit Lake Shuswap (besides hitting the pub frequently):

  1. Rent a boat from Captain’s Cove Marina – We had an amazing day on the lake in a Pontoon on Sunday tubing and just enjoying feeling “cool” in the blazing hot temps. The Marina has a super cute little beach shop with some great summer beachwear and footwear. Yay for shopping!
  2. You will need #1 to get there but stop for lunch in the middle of the lake on the floating restaurant the Shark Shack. It’s a little Florida Spring Break-ish vibe here but was still decent food and of course great drinks!
  3. Grab a coffee from Eco-Treats – did I not mention that Scotch Creek also has a cute little coffee shop and take out pizza place too? Soooo good!
  4. Play Ball! Shuswap Provincial Park has a bunch of nice open fields and a nice playground for tossing the disc or playing some ball
  5. Go for a ride – whether a short pedal around the perimeter trail or further afield, you can follow Squilax-Anglemont Road all the way to Celista and beyond. Sadly I didn’t venture much off road this trip but will do for sure next time.

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