When Good Ideas Go Bad….

January 20, 2016

Soooo…you might remember that I wrote a post before Christmas about all the things I was NOT going to get my kids this year. I was (and am still!) so proud to have been cutting back on material gifts and focusing more on experiences and family time.

One of the things I did do for the boys was make a coupon book for each of them with coupons they could redeem throughout the year for things like “one lunch out with mom” or “one ice cream cone” etc etc. – the boys both loved the books, I saved money, it was a win-win!

So the other night I am trying to forge a path through the chaos that is my 9 year old son’s room to get to his bed to say goodnight. To say his room is chaotic right now is an understatement indeed.

Imagine every drawer open, clothes all over the floor and closet, books all pulled off of the bookshelf (but YAY that he is reading), lego EVERYWHERE. Don’t even get me started about the empty cups under the bed and the dust bunnies that have now grown into dust planets. Basically we are talking DEFCON-1 here (I don’t think the pics below do the mess justice).


So, I tell DS9 that this upcoming weekend that he is going to have to clean up his room, and by that I mean REALLY clean it up. Like organize all the lego, and put away all the clothes, and sort all the books etc.

And then he says to me…

“Well mom, then I think i’m going to use a coupon”

and I say…

“oh thats nice, are you going to get an ice cream after?”

and he smiles and says…

“No, I am going to use the MOM WILL CLEAN UP MY ROOM coupon”


So for all my cleverness, this coupon has come back to bite me right in the a**. And if you need to find me this weekend i’ll be knee deep in 9yr old chaos. Sigh.


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  • Reply Greg January 20, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Sounds like someone forgot Dad’s experience with giving out the one free chore coupons. Specifically me saving mine for 11 months until a nasty November gale brought down most of the leaves from the 9 oak trees and 17 Japanese plum trees in our backyard. That was 50 bags of leaves that I got out of raking. It was also the last time we ever got one of those coupon books from Dad.

    • Reply Christine February 4, 2016 at 10:37 am

      Lol. You have the razor sharp memory…I totally don’t remember that.

  • Reply Tracy G February 11, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    LOL, this just happened to me with my coupon books. AFter telling my 8 year old he had to do all his laundry by end of week, no excuses, no extensions…he went away and handed me the “mom does my laundry” coupon. Touche.

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