Wine Wednesday: Babich Sauvignon Blanc

January 24, 2014

Babich Sauvignon BlancI have to admit I am not much of a Savignon Blanc drinker – I find it a bit too dry for my palette in general but when in a pinch and it’s the only wine available I am always game. Better dry wine than no wine right?

This time, I was pleasantly surprised at how mellow this Sauvignon Blanc was..almost the right amount of fruitiness to keep my taste buds happy without the overwhelming sweetness of Rieslings etc.

I might have also been swayed by the fact that I was drinking it in the Telus Suite (for free) at the #JTTour2020 last week but I am sure if I had it again I would like it just as much! So happy wine day everyone! Cheers!

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