Wine Wednesday: Somersby Cider

July 6, 2014
Somersby Cider

Somersby Cider


Last week I spent two glorious days with one of my BFFs at her lovely home on Saltspring.Our plan was to work…mostly…and drink…heavily…and chat…a lot.

So in preparation for this workdrinkchat-athon we stocked up on a variety of deliciously cold summer drinks on our way back from the ferry and a display of Somersby Cider in the pre-chilled section caught our eye.

Better yet, they had a variety pack of Blackberry, Pear, Citrus and Apple so everyones picky palette would be satisfied. And as any pair of BFFs would do we happily shared each can so we could taste as many of the flavours as we could before hitting our dreaded “carbination bloat” limits (the one drawback of any lovely carbonated bevvy).

And our reviews?

We both agreed that the Blackberry was the best, nice a dry with a hint of berry sweetness.

I found the apple too sweet. Wouldn’t drink this one again.

The pear was better – not too dry and not too sweet (but not quite as good as Sir Perry, to be reveiwed soon).

The citrus was ok – again not my fave but I wouldn’t turn it down if offered to me.

So unless I was planning to host a party with a variety of palettes, I think next time I will just stick to Blackberry and skip the variety pack but all in all and very tasty cider!

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