Wine Wednesday: Vodka

January 10, 2015
Ja! Vodka is good!

Ja! Vodka is good! And no, the big lump under my eye isn’t from drinking!

No, I am not posting about some ironic new wine label called “Vodka” – I have decided to dedicate this instance of “Wine of the Day” to this Eastern European/Russian staple.

I have been recently introduced to the merits of Vodka by a friend of mine here in Langley. And since then, other friends have “come of of the closet” and admitted their dedication to vodka – think Screwdrivers and Bloody Mary’s etc. Kind of throwback, but they taste good 🙂

I will admit that I don’t love straight shots of vodka, but when it’s icy cold and a good brand (think Finlandia, Absolut, Okanagan Spirits) it is tolerable. Much better than say a tequila or Aquavit (shudder). Add cake batter flavoring to the Vodka and it takes it to another level! Yum!

Some of the advantages of Vodka:

No Bloat! Small shots and no carbonation = flat tummy’s and less flatulence!
Low Calorie! Those small little shots pack less calories than a bottle of beer or glass of wine!
Less Chance of Hangover! Wait, maybe this isn’t true – depends on how much Vodka is consumed I suppose, but the lack of tannins and carbonation makes for an easier next day for sure
Health benefits! According to health benefits of vodka include – better cardiovascular health, reduction in stress quotient, relief from tooth aches and bad breath! Its astringent nature helps in keeping the skin healthy and promotes hair growth.
House Cleaning! In a pinch you can use Vodka as a disinfectant for your counters and your wounds!


So if you decide to give Vodka a try, please consider supporting my good friends company Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery – they make a killer Vodka as well as many other spirits!




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