Wine Wednesday – 2010 Gentil “Hugel”

June 11, 2013

Alsace Gentil HugelOk, so I can’t pronounce the name of this wine for the life of me, but what I do know is that it is GO-OD!

I have always been drawn to wines on the sweeter side of the scale, likely because my mom teetotalled in her early years with lovely German favorites like Blue Nun, and naturally, I always stole sips from her glass, so I grew accustomed to the rich, sweet flavour of Rieslings……

….but I digress…this wine is actually from the Alsace region of France which I visited so many many many moons ago and would give my right eye to visit again.

It’s actually not even a Riesling – it’s a total grape sh*t-mix really..according to the bottle it is “Vin D’Alsace Blanc”, (part Muscato, part Riesling, Part Geurtraminer, part Grigio) but trust me that is deliciously sweet and fruity, with just a tiny florally hint. It’s not the cheapest vino on the shelf, but it won’t put too bad a dent in the Chequing account either. Tastes best when very chilled accompanied by a lovely BBQ fish supper cooked by your hubby 🙂

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