Wine Wednesday – Chaberton Estate Winery

November 11, 2015

I don’t know if it’s the change in weather, or lack of daylight but I feel like I have been drinking a LOT of wine lately. And boy have I missed it.

Over the course of the summer I dabbled mostly in ciders, gin and tonics, smirnoff ice and other appropo it’s-stinking-hot-give-me-something-icy-cold type drinks and I was really missing my fave golden elixirs.

So a few weeks back I blogged about a FABulous wine tour that I went on with some good girlfriends out here in the Fraser Valley.The experience in itself was amazing but it also reignited my love for the grape and broke me out of my “same 2 bottle rotation” (which I still love, but a girl needs a change every once in awhile right?)

One of the stops was at the Chaberton Estate Winery where we were ushered into a private tasting room and enjoyed 30 minutes of a guided tasting along with getting to know the history behind the winery itself.

Anyways, the best part of this tour was the discovery of not one but TWO amazing white wines. Like, the “OM-EM-GEE” type of reactions when you take your first sip. Pure heaven I tell ya.

779170.chaberton-2013-reserve-bacchus512201.chaberton-2013-reservesiegerrebeFirst up was the Reserve Bacchus. Chaberton actually has two similar wines, one is drier and is aptly named “Dry Bacchus”. I am not sure what it was about this particular wine but I was in love at first sip. Created with 100% Bacchus grapes this wine is smooth and “just enough sweet” to delight the palette. I grabbed two bottles from the shop on the way out and plan to savour them this holiday season.

Second was the Siegerrebe (try saying that 3 times fast!). Pronounced Sig-her-ay-bee this was the second white that we tasted while at Chaberton. Made with a unique blend of 95% Siegerrebe/3% Gewurztraminer/2% Viognier (no Chardonnay here peeps!) this lovely sipper was fruity and smooth and just dry enough to make some of the rest of the group happier than the sweeter Bacchus. I really enjoyed this wine too.

Sadly, Chaberton Estate wines aren’t available in the local BC Liquor Store, but can be purchased online or at a specialty wine or VQA store. Happy sipping!


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