Do WAHM’s really get the respect they deserve?

July 15, 2014

working-girl-movieToday my youngest decided that he was “too sick” to go to camp. I totally know that this was complete bulls**t, but I let this slide (again) today because he was overtired, emotional and very clingy. But today, DANG, I was BUSY and really didn’t have time for a “fake-sick” kid. Ugh.

So I told him – “If you stay home today Mama has to WORK, I can’t play with you all day” which was received with the blankest of stares and the immediate request “Mom…… will you play a game with me?”.

Le sigh.

So I told him again “Honey, you can play with all the kids if you go to camp, if you stay home you have to play just with yourself. Mama has to WORK today”. Again, a blank stare.

This happened about 1000000 more times today. Get him a snack, change the channel, ask to play a game…again and again.

So I really don’t think that my kids “get” that I work. And they really don’t get that i ENJOY my work. They don’t understand that I am not just here to wipe their butts, clean them and feed them, give them cuddles and chauffeur them around town. They don’t get that I actually do the same things as Dad, and that I contribute financially to the family coffers. Is it because I work from home and not go into an office? Is it that I work mostly when they are at school (or camp) or sleeping so they don’t see me in full work mode? Or is it that they just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that I do something for someone who is NOT THEM? Who knows.

All I hope is that someday they can really appreciate how hard I work for them and for myself and that when one of them says “But that’s mom’s job” they are referring to coding a website and not doing the dishes……

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  • Reply Karen July 15, 2014 at 9:01 am

    I think us work-from-home moms have this constantly, but not just from our kids! My daughter used to go to a daycare and the director seemed convinced that I dropped her off, then went home and sat around my empty house doing nothing. Do you know how hard it is to slip in info about your workday into every conversation?!

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